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Another Sky Co-Commission: You Smell Like a Prayer

Live Music and Film

In collaboration with SAFAR Film Festival, Another Sky – a new UK festival of SWANA experimental music – presents a joint commission between two early-career artists.

Filmmaker Salam Shamki and musician Zeynep Ağcabay will present the world premiere of their collaborative project at SAFAR as a live performance, followed by a discussion on their process.

About the Artists

Born and raised in Istanbul, Zeynep Ağcabay’s music explores the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western influences on their identity. Growing up with traditional Turkish music playing at home, Zeynep went on to discover new roots in London. Their experimental approach aims to discover a unique blend of these two sonic worlds by composing unusual structures of abstract percussions, ambiguous vocals, ambient soundscapes mixed in with instruments inspired by Turkish ney, kanun, davul and darbuka.

Salam Shamki is a London-based multidisciplinary artist who is driven by story and documentation. She works as a freelance filmmaker, artist, arts facilitator and soon to launch Heartnouveaux; an alternative jewellery and crochet boutique. Her works are inspired by her cultural identity as a British Iraqi, as she seeks to create works that identify and interrogate British and Iraqi culture through a post colonial lense – as in her to be released project titled ‘Do I need the National Gallery?’ Focusing on Iraqi culture and arts, Salam intends to use both fiction and documentary film- both live action and animation-  to ask questions and archive pasts and presents.

DIRECTOR: Zeynap Ağcabay & Salam Shamki


London – ICA

Sunday 2 July 13:00


Dates & Tickets coming soon 

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