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Embodied Chorus

Danielle Davie & Mohamad Moe Sabbah | 2023 | 72′ | UK Premiere

A Beirut rooftop conversation about living with Sexually Transmitted Infections opens into a cinematic dialogue, as Danielle’s raw filmed diary and Moe’s vibrant queer memory of living with an STI ignite a collaborative exploration of bodies, intimacy, and shame.

Mohamed moe Sabbah (he/they) is a Lebanese filmmaker/artist based in Cologne and Danielle Davie (she/her) is a documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist with a PhD in documentary & anthropological cinema.

Embodied Chorus is their collaborative invitation to speak up on STIs, and embark on a journey of transformation.

DIRECTOR: Danielle Davie & Mohamad Moe Sabbah
COUNTRY: Lebanon


London – ICA

Sat 22 June 18:15

Dates & Tickets coming soon 

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