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Window To Renewed Hope

Sudanese contemporary shorts + discussion | 86′

Talal Afifi, Founder of Sudan Film Factory and Sudan Film Festival in Khartoum, presents Sudanese Cinema: Unfinished Journeys – Endless Dreams, two evenings dedicated to showcasing Sudanese films spanning from the 1970s and 1980s to contemporary works reflecting the aftermath of the 2019 revolution. The selection tries not only to explore the socio-political developments depicted in these films but also delves into the cinematic techniques, practices and visual experimentation that Sudanese filmmakers have employed over nearly four decades.


The strand begins with Window To Renewed Hope, a screening of contemporary shorts from Sudan followed by a panel discussion providing essential context on Sudanese cinema, its formative years, and the socio-political landscape surrounding film production in Sudan. Read about the second screening and discussion, A Visit To Vanguard Cinema.

Screening as part of Window To Renewed Hope:


Nyerkuk, 2016, directed by Mohammed Kordofani

After having lost his father in an air raid Adam, a ten-year-old boy, is forced to flee to the capital city, Khartoum. To survive, he becomes a skillful burglar, the best and the most envied. Things become complicated when Adam decides to free himself from his boss and turn over a new life.

A Handful of Dates, 2019, directed by Hashim Mohammed

Inspired by a short story originally published in Arabic in 1964, this narrative unfolds in Central Sudan. Through the eyes of a young boy, the film explores a critical moment of awareness as the boy’s admiration for his grandfather diminishes upon witnessing the mistreatment of Masood, for whom the boy feels a resemblance.


Al-Sit, 2021, directed by Suzannah Mirghani

Set in a Sudanese cotton-farming village, this short narrative revolves around 15-year-old Nafisa, torn between her crush on Babiker and her arranged marriage to Nadir. Nafisa’s grandmother, Al-Sit, holds sway over the village and has her own plans for Nafisa’s future, posing the question of whether Nafisa can make her own choices.


Bricks of Life, 2020, directed by Razan Abdel Rahman

Sheds light on the plight of displaced Sudanese women due to war and local brick factory workers. It offers a glimpse into the pains and dreams of these women amidst what can only be described as daunting circumstances.


The ‘Spider-Man’ of Sudan, 2022, directed by Phil Cox and Rafa Renas

Set in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, this short documentary follows an anonymous protester who dresses as Spider-Man amidst hundreds of thousands of demonstrators striving to defend their fragile civilian government following a military coup in October 2021.


About the curator

Talal Afifi, a Sudanese film producer and the founder of Sudan Film Factory, has been involved in the production of numerous narrative and documentary films since 2010. He has also contributed to the development of various artistic programs in partnership with international institutions, such as “Follow the Nile” with the Robert Bosch Foundation, aimed at supporting and developing film projects for young filmmakers from the Nile Basin and North Africa.

He established the Sudan Independent Film Festival in 2014 and managed it for six editions with a highly diverse team. Additionally, he has served on several international film award jury panels, including chairing the jury of the International Documentary Award in 2022.

Currently, he is actively involved in producing several documentary films in collaboration with production teams from the UK, Germany, and Egypt.


London – Cine Lumiere

Fri 28 June 20:30

Dates & Tickets coming soon 

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