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1982 - feature fiction - LB - 107 min

On the eve of the Lebanese civil war in 1974, three characters’ little stories intertwine to make up the plot of Little Wars. Talal is the son of a feudal lord who reluctantly steps into the shoes of a war chief after his father. His pregnant fiancee, Souraya, tries to support him and helps him kidnap a businessman. And finally, Nabil, a photojournalist, who poses as a hero when all he does is use the conflict to trade drugs.

Maroun Bagdadi (1950-1993) ushered in the new wave of Lebanese cinema. His films were the voice of a whole generation torn by civil war and struggling with its identity. They depict the violence and the tragic absurdity of this war while hinting at the hope of reconciliation. His filmography includes eight feature-length movies, thirteen documentaries, a dozen short films, and several video recordings. Little Wars was his first film.

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