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2018, LB, feature documentary 74 min

On the eve of his 90th birthday, life hangs by a thread for Antoine as he anticipates the visit of his daughter gone on a journey to South America. His wife of 65 years, Viviane, also suffering from the aches of old age, is hiding a terrible secret from him – their daughter is not abroad; she is dead. Viviane’s grandson Cyril trains his camera on his family as his grandmother endures this excruciating double sentencing: dealing with her daughter’s tragic death and concealing this unbearable truth from her husband – truth that would inevitably end the last beats of his fragile heart. The Swing is an emotionally rich, beautifully shot documentary about family ties, growing elderly, and the cost of not giving expression to grief.

On Thursday 15 July at 6pm, Cyril Aris will be joining the festival in an online panel discussion exploring shooting documentaries in your family home. Register here.

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