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From Cairo + Cairo As Told By Chahine

Hala Galal | 2021 | 65′ | UK Premiere

Explore the streets of Cairo as it was in the 90s and as it is today with two of Egypt’s finest filmmaking talents, both of whom reflect on creativity and freedom within the city.

In From Cairo, Hala Galal documents the lives — and resilience — of two single women, Heba and Aya, who are defying norms to carve out space for their dreams. All three women have a desire to create space for more voices and nuanced perspectives in Egypt. They live alone and work in art specifically, through which they find their way, achieve their dreams and find some happiness—regardless of the consequences.

From Cairo will be preceded by Cairo As Told By Chahine. This concise masterpiece by famed filmmaker Youssef Chahine began as a commission by French television. Using his unique sense of artistic digression, Chahine transforms this portrait of a city into a self-portrait of a filmmaker. The film was banned in Egypt for its realistic portrayal of Cairo.

Presented in cultural partnership with the BFI’s Youssef Chahine: Drama and Desire Retrospective, a season taking place throughout July. Hala Galal will be in conversation with season curator Elhum Shakerifar after the screening. Hala will also be taking part in a discussion about Youssef Chahine at BFI Southbank on 3 July. Get two-for-one tickets for the season using the promo code ARTIST241 on the BFI website.

Cairo As Seen By Chahine, Youssef Chahine
Egypt | 1991 | 24min | Arabic

From Cairo

DIRECTOR: Hala Galal


London – Cine Lumiere

Friday 30 June + Q&A 20:30

Hull – Hull Independent Cinema

Tuesday 4 July + Q&A 19:30

Dates & Tickets coming soon 

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