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Raven Song

Mohamed Al Salman | 2022 | 109′ | UK Premiere

Nasser, an unexceptional washout, is diagnosed with a brain tumor when he meets an enigmatic and peculiar young woman. Infatuated by her and sick of being a failure, he must quickly figure out what he wants to do in life before going through a risky surgery. He decides to reach out to the young woman with the most seductive way there is… a song.

Rooted in the cultural reality of pre-2015 Saudi, where men barely interacted with the opposite sex outside of the confines of marriage, Raven Song is a satire about an absurd love story and a seemingly lost soul. It is Mohamad Al Salman’s first feature film and was Saudi Arabia’s Oscar Submission in 2023.

This screening is presented in partnership with Generation 2030.

DIRECTOR: Mohamed Al Salman
COUNTRY: Saudi Arabia


London – ICA

Sunday 2 July + Q&A 20:00

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